Whirlpool GC1000XE 1/3 HP Garbage Disposer Review

If you are looking for a garbage disposal system that will allow you to install it, forget about it, and go on with your daily life, then the Whirlpool GC1000XE 1/3 HP In Sink Disposer (see today's price) is exactly what you are looking for. Manufactured in the United States and compatible with septic tank systems, this food waste disposer has a lot to offer.

Its best qualities are its durability, quiet operation, and comprehensive, 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Its powerful 1/3 HP motor is capable of reaching 1,725 rotations per minute, and it is more than capable of handling the waste output of a 2-4 person family. Since the grinding components of the Whirlpool GC1000XE are insulated, its noise output is minimal. You can carry on a conversation with someone in the next room, while it is running, without having to scream at each other. Whirlpool provides a 1 year, comprehensive warranty against material and mechanical defects. On the off chance that a problem should develop, Whirlpool will replace your GC1000XE absolutely free of charge.

Another highlight of the Whirlpool GC1000XE is that it boasts continuous feed operation, which reduces the chances of jamming and clogging. In order to keep the food disposal process seamless, Whirlpool has equipped this food waste disposer with an overload protector with manual reset button. This a feature that is unique to all Whirlpool garbage disposals, and it protects both the unit and your home’s plumbing.

Best Features

  • Compact Size – For all of the features it has to offer, the GC1000XE boasts a rather compact size. It stands only 13.6 inches in height and measures 7.6 inches in diameter. This makes it the ideal option for working with deep set sinks or for when you need to maximize the amount of storage space underneath your kitchen sink.
  • Powerful Motor – A garbage disposal is only as good as its grinding capabilities, and this Whirlpool model delivers. With a 1/3 HP motor that can reach over 1,700 rpm, it reduces food waste to fine cuttings that are simply whisked down the drain without the need to constantly stop and check for clogs.
  • Stainless Steel Components – The majority of the Whirlpool GC1000XE is crafted from premium stainless steel, including its grinding chamber, frame, and shredder ring. Because stainless steel is durable and resistant to corrosion, this strengthens the longevity of the unit.
Whirlpool GC1000XE 1/3 hp in Sink Disposer, Black
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Whirlpool GC1000XE 1/3 hp in Sink Disposer, Black
  • 1/3-HP motor with 1725-RPM output
  • Continuous feed design prevents clogging
  • Dimensions: 6.63W x 6.31D x 11.38H inches

My Story and Experiences

I’m a mom. In my household, I have three children, a husband, two dogs, and a slightly neurotic cat. We also have a constantly rotating gaggle of the kids’ friends in and out of the house. Needless to say, we produce quite a bit of food waste.

When it came time to replace our kitchen garbage disposal, I decided I was going to be the one to do it. My husband’s first inclination would be to buy the biggest, most powerful disposer available because it was “manly”, but I knew it would require more research and forethought.

While researching various models online, I came across the Whirlpool GC1000XE  Disposer, and it piqued my interest. The low price point was certainly attractive and came with its own power cord (one less thing to buy!), but I didn’t know if it would be powerful or durable enough to handle heavy duty daily use from my family. Many of the online reviews praised its ease of installation and durability. If I didn’t have to pay a professional plumber money to install the unit, that was more money in my pocket – as far as I was concerned. Since Whirlpool backed the GC1000XE with a comprehensive 1-year warranty, I decided to go ahead and give the GC1000XE a “whirl” (har har).

I had the GC1000XE in hand within three days of ordering it, and my husband had it installed in less than 30 minutes (and he’s not exactly what you would call “handy” around the house). So far, so good. We used the unit for about a week without any problems, until I woke up Tuesday morning to find that my 3 year old had decided that her Barbie wanted to go play in the “hot tub” in the sink. Poor Barbie looked like she’d been attacked by piranhas, and I was convinced that the garbage disposal would be ruined, since it’s not designed to handle these kinds of materials. Shockingly, it wasn’t even phased! My husband did have to remove the unit’s house so we could flush it out, but other than that, it wasn’t even affected by the chunks of plastic and synthetic hair we removed.

I can see my family enjoying many years of use out this garbage disposal, and it will be something that I recommend to friends and family members.


My Conclusion

All of the advertised features of the Whirlpool GC1000XE Garbage Disposer work exactly how they are supposed to, which makes for a quiet, durable, and efficient food waste disposer. The powerful motor is fantastic, and the installation took no time at all. So far, it has done a great job of standing up to my family, but should we run into any problems, I know that we have Whirlpool’s generous warranty to back us up.

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