Moen GX50C GX Series Garbage Disposal Review

The Moen GX50C (see today's price) is a high-quality product, renowned for a number of reasons. It has a modern, multi-colored look, is quiet, powerful, easy to install (all you need is a screwdriver and some plumber's putty), and just the right size. It has a compact design to free up more space underneath the sink, an overall width of 7 1/2", overall height 13 3/8", and an 115V voltage.

This unit has a motor that operates at full speed as soon as you turn it on, and its speed can go as high as 2600 RPM! It is definitely not lacking in power. Its lightweight design doesn't eat up too much space, while continuously grinding up larger food scraps into very fine waste product. This unit was made for some heavy duty usage, and it delivers the goods in power and performance.

This garbage disposal comes with an excellent plug-in power cord, as opposed to most other disposers that are wired directly. This unit looks attractive, is a good weight and size, and is easy to install. It has a quality VORTEX permanent-magnet motor that has high RPM levels that rapidly grind food scraps into tiny pieces. It also has a Universal Express Mount System, a pre-installed power cord, and it comes with an outstanding 4-year limited warranty.

Best Features

  • 2,000 1/2 horsepower continuous RPM VORTEX motor with permanent magnet motor technology and powerful grinding capabilities for day-to-day kitchen scraps - Specially designed to help to reduce jamming. In fact, jamming is almost never an issue with Moen disposers because the motors in them start immediately at full speed, and they're much higher speed compared to other competing brands.
  • Universal Xpress-Mount system - which fits both Moen products as well as most existing three-bolt mounting assemblies (including InSinkErator brands)
  • Has a pre-installed power cord - which saves money (purchasers of other models must buy cord separately) and installation steps - Also includes splash guard, drain stopper, flange, flange, and drain elbow
  • SoundSHIELD which is perfectly designed to give sound deadening insulation
  • Four-year limited warranty with an in-home service guarantee that help will be there whenever you need it
  • Stainless steel material and finish - plus continuous feed technology featuring stainless steel grind components
  • Eco-friendly garbage disposal reduces waste that's sent to landfills
Moen GX50C Prep Series 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal with...
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Moen GX50C Prep Series 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal with...
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  • NOISE REDUCTION: Designed with SoundSHIELD sound-deadening insulation

My Story and Experiences

I am a DIYer, and just recently purchased and installed the Moen GX50C Garbage Disposal unit. It was a relatively easy installation, but I would suggest to other do-it-yourselfers that you watch the installation video a couple of times, and make a list of everything that you'll need for the install. The first thing is, this unit is approximately 2" larger in diameter than other existing garbage disposals, plus its water outlet is about 1/2" further away from the drain center. Installing the drain pipes is easy, simply loosen up the fittings and then telescope them in. Once I'd moved everything out of the way under the sink, and removed the power cord so I could hardwire it underneath the sink, the whole install took a little less than 30 minutes.

I was amused to see that this product is "certified frustration-free." The only frustration I had was in dropping a pipe on my hand, and getting splashed by a smelly, wet dog who somehow has the notion that he's my best friend in the world and wants to "share" everything with me!

A little segue here - I went with the Moen GX series garbage disposal because they have excellent reputations, always contain high-quality features, a beautiful, streamlined design, and a fantastic warranty. Quoting the Moen web page now - They have "Performance you can trust, above the sink and below." Another little offputting detail. It says everywhere that the Moen products are proudly made in the USA. My box had a label on it which said: "Made in China." I guess you should take things with a grain of salt if you read it on the manufacturer's webpage.

Since I'm griping, might as well empty the bank. I read everywhere that this unit was extremely quiet. OK, it's not EXTREMELY quiet. I'd give it a medium low on the scale - which is probably a good thing so you can tell if the thing is running.


My Conclusion

To wrap things up, if you like to DIY and you have some plumbing skills, then this is a good purchase for you. It comes with clear instructions, too, which as you know can be somewhat of a rarity. It came with all the parts, so I didn't have to go running down to the hardware store every 5 minutes for some extraneous part. And oops, almost forgot. I really like the easy cleaning, stainless steel stopper.

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Justin Curtis

I am not a professional plumber, but I do feel like I am pretty handy :). I would love to hear your comments about this post or others. Thanks for reading!

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Mark Cannella - December 2, 2020

Hey Justin, We have a 1HP Moen disposal that for whatever reason has bad, motor wise, even though it appears that the disposal is clean. Can I plug and play another Moen, the 1/2 HP that you mention above so only the two pipes are connected and then I can tighten the top underneath the sink without messing with the other parts.

Yes/No or I’m that much of a Luddite.


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