InSinkErator SS-200-29 Commercial Garbage Disposer Review

The InSinkErator brand has been in business for over 75 years, and their line of renowned products includes commercial grade garbage disposers, like the InSinkErator SS-200-29 (see today's price). Their innovative equipment solutions are designed to meet the needs of stores, restaurants, hotels, schools, and hospitals. When a business owner makes the decision to purchase an InSinkErator commercial garbage disposal, he or she is investing in a piece of equipment that will enhance their day to day operations.

With its 2 hp motor, the InSinkErator SS-200-29 is capable of tackling almost any of food you waste that you can throw at it. Crafted from durable stainless steel and weighing in at a hefty 77 pounds, this unit is guaranteed to provide many years of faithful service.

Best Features

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    Powerful Motor – The 2 hp motor is designed for durability and efficiency.
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    Stainless Steel Grinding Chamber – Because the grinding chamber is crafted from stainless steel, this significantly reduces the chances of rust or leaks developing.
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    Triple Lip Seal – InSinkErator’s patented triple lip seal protects the motor and the disposer from outside moisture.
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    100% Paint Free – To assist with sanitation, this model is 100% paint free.

My Story and Experiences

As the head of the sanitation department for our county’s public schools, you can imagine I’ve seen quite a few garbage disposals in my day. Recently, we have begun using InSinkErator brand commercial disposers in our schools and let me tell you, it is a change we should have made years ago.

For example, we recently installed four of the InSinkErator SS-200-29 models in a nearby elementary school, and for the last two months, we haven’t had a single hiccup out of them – despite the fact that they are asked to grind through hundreds of leftover meals on a daily basis. We have the units installed at our meat and seafood prep areas, vegetable prep table and sink, and in a sink near the bins where we throw out trash.

The first thing you notice about the InSinkErator SS-200-29 is its heft. A single unit alone weighs roughly 77 pounds. All of its components are either chrome plated or are made from stainless steel. The lack of paint makes it much easier to keep the disposers sanitary. Each unit is equipped with a 2 horsepower, induction motor. The motor is completely enclosed and air-cooled. The design is intended to maximize its efficiency and the lifespan of the unit. There’s also a built-in thermal overload protector that adds an extra layer of protection.

Rotating and stationary shredding elements are capable of strong reverse grinding action and are resistant to corrosion. Inside each unit are double-tapered Timken roller bearings, which offer an effective shock-absorbing cushion. One feature I know the food service staff appreciates is the ¾ inch thick rubber mounting above the grinding chamber that eliminates vibration and isolates sound. The staff can have a conversation with one another while the disposers are running without having to scream over them.

Insinkerator SS-200-29 Medium Capacity Commercial Waste Disposer
  • Base unit disposer and gasket only
  • 2 Horsepower
  • Authentic in sink orator part

My Conclusion

Although our school system has only had the InSinkErator SS-200-29 (see price here) units in place for a few months, we are thus far pleased with their performance. It is evident that a lot of thought and care has gone into their design, and with the extended warranties we purchased from InSinkErator, I know our investment is protected on the slim chance that something should go wrong.

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