InSinkErator PROCCPLUS Pro Series Food Waste Disposal Review

The InSinkErator PROCCPLUS Pro-Series 3/4-HP Food Waste Disposal with Evolution Series and CoverStart Technology has one of the highest approval ratings of garbage disposal units anywhere. Its batch feed cover controlled 3/4 HP single phase motor disposal runs on 120 volts, and it has an average amperage load of 8.1. Its SoundSeal+ technology consists of an anti-vibration tailpipe mount, multi-layered SoundLimiter insulation, and an antimicrobial sink baffle. It uses 1/4 gallon of water per person for each day of use and has a manual reset overload.

This disposal can be used together with a septic system IF said septic system is a large enough size for your house, has a regular record of maintenance and pumping, and if coffee grinds or grease have never been put into the system.

The PROCCPLUS Pro Series Disposal comes from a long line of excellent American built garbage disposals that are proudly used in more homes throughout the world than every other disposal brand combined. This product is priced competitively (see today's price), it is manufactured from the highest quality materials, and it answers a consumer need for efficient and quiet garbage disposal. Consumers also have requested garbage disposals that aren't too selective about what they will grind up. The PROCCPLUS Pro has new Multigrind Technology which gives users a machine that is able to grind virtually anything! They won't have any more worries about either jams or clogs.

Best Features

  • Stainless steel grind components and grind chamber - The 40-ounce chamber takes care of larger volume compared to other standard disposers
  • Patent pending exclusive Magnetic Cover activation start - Runs only when the cover is on, and is manually activated, which provides an extra layer of safety in operation. This option is much superior to previous disposals that started up the second the switch was turned on, occasionally causing serious accidents
  • Sound-Seal-Plus - Seals evolution cover-control, making this food waste disposal 60% quieter than other comparable disposals. It's actually possible to have a normal-voiced conversation in the same room as the operating garbage disposal. Sound-Seal-Plus technology includes insulation wrapped around the device motor, and new anti-vibration sink-mount and tailpipe
  • Two stage Multi Grind - Makes quick work of harder to grind food waste like potato peels and celery. Has twice the power of standard one stage disposers
  • Comes with a Sink Baffle that contains antimicrobial material - This part inhibits odor-causing bacteria growth at the same time it muffles garbage disposal noise
  • Has a seven-year in-home service and parts warranty - An extended two-year Pro-Circle warranty is optional, which provides professional house calls for home maintenance and repair
InSinkErator PROCCPLUS Pro Series 3/4 HP Food Waste Disposal with...
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InSinkErator PROCCPLUS Pro Series 3/4 HP Food Waste Disposal with...
  • 40-Ounce Stainless Steel Grind Chamber and Grind Components handle more volume than standard disposers
  • Magnetic Cover Start Activation offers an extra margin of assurance by running only when the cover is on
  • Sound Seal Plus Makes the Evolution Cover Control at least 60% quieter than standard disposers

My Story and Experiences

I am a live-in group home House Manager. Our residents are teenagers and young adults who come from poor home living situations. Some of the residents also have Autism and Aspergers Syndrome and have extreme sensitivities to noise. One resident's noise sensitivity is so bad that a previous noisy dishwasher had to be removed from the premises. She just couldn't tolerate the sounds it made.

When I became House Manager, I soon became overwhelmed with the activity in the kitchen, especially the chore of taking out the garbage. Although I set up a chore chart, you know how teenagers are, and I ended up doing most of the work myself. You can't imagine how delighted I was to read about a new QUIET InSinkErator Food Waste Disposal System. I installed it about a week later with some trepidation (installation was a snap - well, I call 20-30 minutes a snap). What if their claims to reduce noise turned out not to be true?

Turn the clock hands ahead 5 hours. We had just finished a great meal, complete with turkey, many vegetables, pie - a regular feast. Clean-up started like normal, and then it became time for the test. Lo and behold, I turned it on, activated the magnetic coverstart, and began to introduce table scraps into the machine. The SoundSeal technology worked like a charm! The machine was so quiet that the kitchen occupants carried on a regular conversation, and no one had to raise their voice!


My Conclusion

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There are other things I could say about this garbage disposal. I could tell you that it grinds up bones and anything left on the table after a meal (excluding the salt and pepper shakers of course)! I love how I can turn it off and on with the cover. The multi-grind feature makes (disposable) mince meat our of all our table scraps in just a minute or so. One of our residents gets a real kick out of this machine and especially loves to put coffee grounds and eggshells in it. Don't ask me why this particular combination - I'm just happy he's found something to love about our new garbage disposal!

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