InSinkErator Badger 5 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal Review

If you are looking for a brand name that is synonymous with quality, then InSinkErator is who you have been looking for. Each of their waste disposal units is manufactured in the United States to guarantee quality control. InSinkErator has been in business for more than 75 years, and their popularity continues to grow.

Over the last 85 years, InSinkErator has transformed into the largest and best-selling designer and manufacturer of not only hot water dispensers but also of waste disposers in the world. In fact, 9 out of 10 professional plumbers state that they would choose an InSinkErator brand garbage disposal over any other name brand because of their grinding power, quiet operation, durability, and product quality.

For the discerning homeowner demands quality, but does not want to pay a small fortune, InSinkErator produces the Badger line of food waster disposers, and the shining star of this line is the InSinkErator Badger 5 ½ HP Food Waste Disposer (see today's price). The best qualities of the Badger 5 are its power and durability, efficient grinding, and simple installation process. Moreover, it is backed by an industry leading warranty and is compatible with septic systems. For more than 10 years, it has been one of InSinkErator’s best-selling models.

Best Features of the Badger 5 InSinkErator:

  • Galvanized Steel Construction – The Badger model features a galvanized steel grind system. It may not be as robust as stainless steel, but it still offers a decent grinding action especially when combined with the machine's DuraDrive Technology. 
  • DuraDrive Technology – InSinkErator’s patented DuraDrive technology is used in the design of this garbage disposal’s ¾ HP induction motor, and you can feel the power of the unit when you turn it on. When the grinding chamber kicks into gear, you can feel its powerful vibrations.
  • Quick Lock Technology – The unique locking mechanism makes it simple to remove and install a new InSinkErator model. This eliminates the need to call a professional plumber, which can cost hundreds of dollars. The technology is compatible with other garbage disposals units and was designed to make for a quick and hassle free installation experience.
  • InSinkErator Grind Technology – The Badger 5 boasts the company’s top secret, patented one stage grind technology, which includes a GrindShear ring that turns tough to grind foods into mincemeat. Because food waste is virtually liquefied, it allows the waste to flow smoothly through your home’s sewage system and reduces the chances that you’ll develop a clog.
InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Badger 5, 1/2 HP Continuous Feed
  • RELIABLE & EASY INSTALL: Badger Series disposers are a reliable & functional choice when affordability is the prime...
  • DURABLE COMPONENTS: This garbage disposal features our exclusive 1/2 hp Dura-Drive Induction Motor and long lasting...
  • AMERICA'S #1 DISPOSER BRAND: There are more American-built InSinkErator garbage disposals in US homes than all other...

My Story and Experiences

My search for a new garbage disposal system started on the Internet, and a quick search showed me that there are literally hundreds of different garbage disposals to choose from. Obviously, it wasn’t going to be easy to narrow my search down. I hate shopping, and my usual method of buying something involves “eenie meenie mini mo”. I knew that wasn’t going to cut it this time. I needed a reliable and durable food disposer.

As I was scrolling through webpage after webpage, the InSinkErator Badger 5 caught my eye. It had an attractive, sleek design, and the reviews for it were outstanding. What really caught my eye though was its QuickLock installation system. I’m a first time homeowner, and let’s be honest: women don’t exactly have a reputation for being “handy” around the house. I didn’t want to have to call my dad or brother to help me install this thing, and I didn’t have the money to pay a professional plumber to do it.

How to Install InSinkErator Badger?

The QuickLock installation system promised to make installing it quick and easy. According to the reviews, all I had to do was unscrew my old garbage disposal from its place under the sink and screw the new one in – sort of like changing a lightbulb. It sounded too good to be true, but I figured it was worth a shot.

When the Badger garbage disposal arrived, it came with a Quick Lock Sink Mount, the tailpipe, a Jam Buster wrench, tailpipe gasket, the stopper, and installation instructions. In short, I had everything I needed to install it right then and there, which is exactly what I did. It took me nearly 20 minutes to wrestle my old food disposer out from underneath the sink because of all of the rust and corrosion. (I guess that’s what you get for using inferior products!) However, once I had that sucker out, it only took me 15 minutes to install the InSinkErator Badger 5 myself!

Badger 5 Insinkerator Manual

A user manual comes with the garbage disposal unit itself, but in the case that you lose it, the document can be downloaded in their website. All you need to do is look for the Badger 5 garbage disposal unit in the list of products, then you can easily access all the related documents from there.

There are lots of things I could praise about the Badger 5. It works smoothly, does its job more than adequately, has a great warranty, etc., but it was the ease of installation that sold me on the InSinkErator brand for life. It’s rare to find a company that manufactures a product that is 100% what is advertised, and I feel that InSinkErator is a brand I can trust. Trust is something that is earned, and they’ve won my loyalty.

Final Review of InSinkErator Badger 5 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal

The InSinkErator Badger 5 is not the cheapest garbage disposal you’ll find on the market, but it is definitely worth spending the extra few dollars if you’re looking for a no frills, straightforward waste disposer that is going to get the job done. It’s something I use in my kitchen every day, and it has held up well. On the off chance that something should go wrong, I know I have the company’s extended warranty to back me up.

InSinkErator Badger 5 Garbage Disposal
  • Features
  • Ease To Install
  • Power
  • Noise Level
  • Performance
  • Value


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Justin Curtis

I am not a professional plumber, but I do feel like I am pretty handy :). I would love to hear your comments about this post or others. Thanks for reading!

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Johnnie - August 25, 2016

Yet one of the cheapest Garbage disposals out there. The Badger 5 proves to stand the test of time and retains its price as well. I must commend your review Mr Garbage Disposal 🙂 Thank You.

    Justin Curtis - August 25, 2016

    Thanks for stopping by Johnnie!

Jose - November 14, 2016

I bought my home in 2002 (built in ’98) and it already had a Badger 5 food waste disposer installed. I just replaced the disposer this weekend with another Badger 5 and hope to get 14 to 18 years of life out of this one as well.

Thanks for your review and rating – it is very much in line with what I experienced. Removal an replacement took me in total about 30 minutes and one cold beer!


    Justin Curtis - November 14, 2016

    Good to hear Jose – yea, the installation is usually easier when you know there is a beer waiting for you when you are done 🙂

Richard - April 11, 2017

So, why don’t they include a cord?

    Craig - April 14, 2017

    I’d imagine the primary reason for not including the cord is the simple fact that many of us have a hardwired disposal. There’s no reason to charge people the extra money for the cord if they don’t need it. If you need it, it’s available for purchase. Have to say, it’s actually rather admirable that they’re not forcing people to pay for it that don’t need it.

Joan - August 14, 2017

Mom has one of these in her apartments. They installed it with a Kenmore “ring” around the sink drain. The grommet (black rubber thing) is a constant source of smell. It is not removable. I called the maintenance man today, and he said they are permanent, can’t be removed, and must just be cleaned often. At my home, I have an insinkerator, and it has a removable grommet. I clean it in the dishwasher weekly, and have no problems. Any suggestions?

    Justin Curtis - August 21, 2017

    Sorry, I don’t know much about the Kenmore models.

    David - December 21, 2017

    I installed my InSinkErator omitting that rubber grommet by using DAP clear silicone latex sealant. Actually I installed my Kohler 60/40 sink (w/cutting board)using DAP on everything exposed to water: both inside rings and all around the counter-top, instead of plumbers tape. DAP will last a lifetime and never leak if applied properly because once cured it will not shrink. What is left is a micro-thin line of sealant you can’t even see, let alone gather bacteria since there’s nothing there to grow on in the first place.

Joe F. - October 23, 2017

I may be missing this in your description of the Badger 5 Garbage Disposal but do they all come with the dishwasher drain connection or do I need a specific model that has this ?

bob - December 22, 2017

The grinding components are not stainless steel, they are galvanized steel. Big difference. You are lucky to get 10 years before it rusts.


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