General Electric GFC720V 3/4 HP Deluxe Food Waste Disposer Review

If you need help taking care of the dirty work in your kitchen, the General Electric GFC720V ¾ Horsepower Deluxe Continuous Feed Disposal is more than capable of taking care of the toughest tasks. When you use it, you will be sending your food scraps down the drain once and for all. The powerful grinding capabilities of this garbage disposal reduces your food waste into minute particles, which means that it is wholly compatible and safe to use with any adequately sized septic system.

Furthermore, the General Electric GFC720V (see today's price) food waste disposer has been outfitted with superior sound reduction technology that ensures quiet operation. For example, if you’re hosting a dinner party, you can rest assured that the relaxed, cheerful atmosphere will not be interrupted by your garbage disposal while you’re cleaning up the kitchen. The garbage disposal is also equipped with unique features that won’t be found on any other competitor’s model. For instance, take its angled fin pumps. The design and capacity of these pumps force more water down your drain, which keep your drains clear and significantly reduce the chances of your plumbing developing a clog.

Even though it’s one of the most powerful garbage disposals on the market today, the thoughtful and compact design of the GFC720V won’t take up too much room underneath your sink, and an abundance of advanced features and technology, it is one appliance that will provide you with many years of reliable service.

Best Features

  • Powerful Motor – The GE GFC720V disposal has one of the most powerful motors on the market. The ¾ HP motor, combined with its permanent magnet design, reduces all food waste into minute particles.
  • Grinding Action – Going hand in hand with its powerful motor is the appliance’s ability to reach up to 3,100 rotations per minute. These speeds are what enable the GE food waste disposer to handle the hardest food scraps, like hard vegetables and small bones. The RPM testing has been verified by an independent lab and extensively test against other competitors’ models.
  • Simple Installation – When you buy the General Electric GFC720V garbage disposal, it comes with GE’s patented EZ Mount installation system, as well as a durable rubber stopper and removable splash guard. Everything you need to install it is included in the installation system, which means that you won’t have to make multiple trips to your local hardware store to buy different items.
General Electric GE 3/4 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposer,...
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General Electric GE 3/4 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposer,...
  • 3/4 HP MOTOR - A powerful 3/4 HP garbage disposal quickly reaches its maximum spin speed, so it can grind hard food...
  • OVER 2,700 RPM - Great for owners who cook daily, this over 2,700 RPM garbage disposal spins at a high speed to give...
  • EASY INSTALLATION - This DIY, easy installation food disposal only requires a few steps and has everything you need...

My Story and Experiences

I’m going to make this brief and to the point. I ordered the General Electric GFC720V ¾ Horsepower Deluxe Continuous Feed Disposal because I needed to replace my old garbage disposal. In the box, I found the unit itself, GE’s EZ Mount installation system, and a power cord (which has to be purchased separately). The garbage disposal stands 14.5 inches in height and measures 8.5 inches in diameter. It’s a handsome enough unit. GE also provided detailed installation instructions, which I appreciated.

It’s also worth noting that General Electric offers a one-year warranty on parts and labor, which is provided by the manufacturer, and a four year, limited parts warranty on this unit.

On the whole, it took me about 45 minutes to install it. I spent more time trying to wrestle my old unit out from under the sink than I did installing the new one. I didn’t have to make any plumbing changes to install it, since it came with all of the necessary parts. The box even included a new coupling and flange to go in the sink. While I did have to loosen a few plumbing fittings to fit it in, all I had to do was re-tighten them after I was finished. No problem.

The General Electric GFC720V ¾ Horsepower Deluxe Continuous Feed Disposal has been installed in my home for about a week now, and so far, I’ve had no issues with it. With a spouse, five kids, and two dogs, it has certainly gotten a workout around here.

There is one thing I would like to point out. The neck of the disposer is slightly smaller than other similar models, so most adult sized hands are not going to fit through the splashguard, but it is possible to remove the splashguard if you need too. When the unit switches on, it makes a loud initial noise, but the splashguard and the sound of running water minimize that. Overall, it’s a nice alternative to more expensive models, and I’m pleased with it.


My Conclusion

The General Electric GFC720V ¾ Horsepower Deluxe Continuous Feed Disposal is not the cheapest garbage disposal on the market; however, for the power and advanced features it has, it offers an excellent value for the money. This is something we use in our home every day, and I am confident it is going to provide us with many years of use.

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