General Electric GFC530V 1/2 HP Deluxe Food Waste Disposer Review

Food scraps must always be disposed of after meals. You have 3 options for this food waste - send all your waste to a landfill, do some composting, or install a garbage disposal underneath the sink. The landfill option is definitely not a green choice, the composting option takes time, and might not fit into your busy lifestyle, so the third option, getting a garbage disposal, might be the best option for you.

What are some of the benefits of having a garbage disposal? First, it's fast, simple, and easy to use. It can be cleaned by dropping some ice cubes in it every so often to sharpen the impeller, and any bad smells can be wiped out by adding a little baking soda into it. Second, using a disposal is good for the environment. It lessens the amount of paper or plastic bags you need to gather food waste. The less food you take to the landfill means a decreased production of methane.Third, getting rid of your food waste immediately means that rodents and insects won't be attracted to the tempting aroma of rotting scraps.

If you are in the market for an inexpensive garbage disposal, have a lot of waste to grind up, and prefer a disposer that will run from the moment the power is switched on, your best bet is a continuous feed disposer instead of a batch feed disposal. (However, a batch feed disposal is safer because the chamber must be filled and covered before it will start, and it will eliminate jam problems because something dropped into the disposal can be fished out before the unit is turned on).

Best Features

  • Permanent strong 1/2 horsepower magnet motor - Contains more than 2,800 RPM grinding power (This figure is based on the RPM testing of competitive and cleared GE models)
  • Super large capacity with direct wire-power connection and stainless turntable
  • E-Z Mount installation - stopper and removable splash guard include
  • Dual swivel, anti-jam, dual swivel, stainless steel grinding blades
  • Improved sound reduction technology
  • Carbon steel cold-rolled armature shaft
  • Splashguard, manual reset overload protector, and wall switch with sink stopper
  • Stainless steel turntable, stainless steel sink flange, and two level precutter
  • Includes a detailed instruction manual
  • Has a 2-year parts warranty and a 1-year replacement warranty
General Electric GFC530V Continuous Feed Disposall, Extra-large...
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General Electric GFC530V Continuous Feed Disposall, Extra-large...
  • Splash guard helps keep you safe from debris
  • Manual reset overload protector helps keep the disposer safe from damage
  • Sound insulation package reduces operational noise for a quieter kitchen

My Story and Experiences

The General Electric GFC530V 1/2 Horsepower Deluxe Continuous Feed Disposal Extra Large Capacity Food Waste Disposer (see today's price) weighs 8.9 pounds and measures 7.8" x 7.8" x 13.5". This 115V product will grind practically every kind of food waste. Some items will require more time to grind up than others - vegetable parings will take a lot less time to grind than hard bones and animal fat and skin. This GE garbage disposal reduces all your food waste to tiny particles, ensuring that this unit is safe to use with any normal sized septic system.

This food waste disposer system features an off/on wall switch and sink stopper, a two-level precutter, a splashguard, a manual reset overload protector, and jam resistant, stainless steel dual swivel impellers. In addition, this product includes a stainless steel sink flange, a cold-rolled carbon steel armature, and a stainless steel turntable.

Operation is simple. Remove the sink stopper before turning on cold water at a medium flow. Flip your switch to on, and begin to scrape in all food waste. That's all it takes - the continuous feed disposer takes care of everything else. Before pushing the off button, let the disposal run for approximately 25 seconds after all grinding and shredding stops to make sure that every bit of waste has been thoroughly flushed through the drain and trap.


My Conclusion and Thoughts

Seventy-one percent of all online reviewers were very satisfied with this product and would recommend its purchase. They cited its rapid installation time (including wiring), its compactness, and its quietness. Fifteen percent were moderately satisfied with this product, They noted that it was noisier than they expected, the nut on the wire connection cover was hard to turn, and that it appeared to have less power than their previous GE food disposal. Fourteen percent of online reviewers were dissatisfied with this product, and would not buy it again. They mentioned that the drain flange was too thick for their dual basin sink, that leakage and cabinet water damage occurred after 6 weeks, and that the metal outlet flange was flimsy.

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Donald Jones - March 19, 2018

Garbage disposal empties when running, even for a long time.
When stopped water backs up


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