General Electric GFC520V 1/2 HP Waste Disposer Review

The General Electric brand has been in business for more than 100 years, and they continue to produce high quality products that keep generations of fans returning to them. Their garbage disposals are produced in the United States and can be safely used with septic tank systems. The best qualities of the GE GFC250V (see today's price) are its galvanized steel grinding blades and its generously sized, 27-ounce grinding chamber.

Stainless steel is already naturally resistant to rust and corrosion, and when stainless steel is galvanized, it is treated with additional, non-toxic chemicals to make it even more resistant. The dishwasher drain connector is crafted from the same stainless steel, and the GFC250V is made from cold rolled carbon steel. What all of this adds up to is the fact that you have one durable garbage disposal that should provide you with many years of satisfactory service. Indeed, many of the reviews you’ll find for the General Electric GFC520V Disposer are from homeowners who say that they’ve had theirs installed in their homes for 10+ years.

Best Features​

  • Tough ½ HP motor with permanent magnetics. This is one of the toughest motors you’ll find on the market today.
  • The grinding action of this food waste disposer is capable of reaching up to 2,800 rotations per minute. This fact has been proven after the GFC520V was extensively tested against other GE models and the competitors.'
  • Large capacity turntable, which is also made from stainless steel. The turntable features its own direct wire power connection, which a feature unique to GE garbage disposals.
  • In addition to being made from galvanized stainless steel, the grinding blades of this unit feature a dual swiveling action that is especially effective at grinding foods into particles. In turn, this action significantly reduces the chances that a clog will develop in your home’s pipes.
  • GE includes their own patented EZ Mount installation system for installing the garbage disposal. Additional features the garbage disposer has to offer include a removable splash guard and rubber stopper.

General Electric GFC520N Continuous Feed Disposall, Large capacity,...
620 Reviews
General Electric GFC520N Continuous Feed Disposall, Large capacity,...
  • Manufacturer Model Number - GFC520N
  • Genuine Replacement Part
  • GE Replacement Part

My Story and Experiences

Initially, I had an old InSinkErator Badger garbage disposal installed in my home, but after experiencing the typical leakage problems that usually accompany Badgers, it was time to find a replacement. I visited a few home improvement stores in my neighborhood, but couldn’t find anything comparable in price, so I turned to the Internet to find a replacement.

On Amazon, I came across the General Electric GFC520V ½ Horsepower Continuous Feed Disposal. I bought it for less than the MSRP, and it arrived within the three days. I had my doubts about GE’s EZ-Mount system. I’ve seen similar systems advertised with other food waste disposal units, and they never quite seem to work quite like they’re supposed to. However, I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to install it without a hitch. I didn’t even need to run out for any plumber’s putty.

One of my favorite things about the GFC520V is its really convenient design. It has a two level precutter and a manual reset overload protector. It has a splashguard to protect the unit, in addition to its sink stopper, and the on/off switch is mounted on the wall. The swivel impellers feature a dual action, which is something I haven’t seen before, and they are crafted from premium stainless steel, so I know they are going to last for a long time. Other highlights that I really liked about this garbage disposal are its galvanized stainless steel turntable, carbon steel armature shaft, and stainless steel sink flange.

After it was installed, it was time to take it for a test drive, and the General Electric GFC520V is simple to use. All I had to do was remove the sink stopper, flip the switch on, and scrape in the table scraps that were left over from dinner. Since it’s a continuous feed garbage disposal, it took care of the rest on its own. GE recommends letting the cold water and the disposal run for about 30 seconds after you’re done adding food waste in order to make sure that all of your scraps have been thoroughly flushed down the trap and through the drain.

I’ve had the GE food disposer in for about three weeks now, and I haven’t had one problem with it yet. I suspect it could handle a lot heavier workload than what my wife and I give it, and I’m confident that this is one appliance I’m going to enjoy many years of use from.


My Conclusion and Thoughts

Overall, I’m really pleased with the GE GFC520V. You can’t always trust reviews, but the hundreds of positive reviews on this one had it exactly right, and it is a garbage disposal that I would happily recommend to my friends and family.

All of its features work exactly how they are supposed to, and the appliance is pleasantly and surprisingly quiet while it’s operating. You can have a conversation with someone in the same room while it is running without having to scream at one another. I forgot to mention that GE offers a pretty good warranty on this disposer, so I know that, on the off chance I have a problem with it, I will have that to back me up.

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