General Electric GFC320V 1/3 HP Food Waste Disposer Review

If you're in the market for a continuous feed garbage disposal that is both powerful and quiet, you'll definitely want to check out the General Electric GFC320V 1/3 HP Food Waste Disposal (see today's price). Its 1/3 horsepower motor boasts 2,500 RPM of dual, jam resistant, stainless- steel swivel impellers that facilitate easy drainage, while at the same time impeding disposer clogs. This machine also features a sound insulation package that lessens operational noise to give you a quieter kitchen workspace.

Among its multiple good qualities, this disposal unit is sturdy, has a grind chamber capacity of 26.52 ounces, 1/3 horsepower, and 120 volts. It is 1-UL listed (a global company that helps other companies to deliver enhanced sustainability and confirm compliance of their products) and has a one-year limited manufacturer warranty on the entire appliance.

The GE GFC320V garbage disposal efficiently reduces your food waste into small particles and is safe for a standard sized septic system. It has an advanced insulation package which ensures a more peaceful kitchen atmosphere. To operate, just remove your sink stopper, turn on some cold water (a medium flow is best), flip the ON switch, and begin scraping in your food waste. Showtime for this continuous feed disposal! Before switching if off, allow the disposal and water to run for approximately 25 seconds after the grinding and shredding stop, to make sure that all waste matter is completely flushed through the drain and trap.

Best Features

  • 1/3 HP permanent magnet motor
  • Grinding action of more than 2,500 RPM (based on revolutions per minute testing of cleared General Electric and other competitive models)
  • Continuous feed capability
  • Direct-wire power connection large capacity disposal chamber with strong carbon steel cold-rolled armature shaft, stainless steel sink flange, a dishwasher drain connector, and a galvanized steel turntable that provides expanded waste disposal and durability
  • Wall-switch plus sink stopper and removable splash guard to keep debris under control
  • Stainless steel anti-jam grinding blades that are dual swivel, plus two-level precutter
  • EZ-Mount installation helps to make setup both quick as well as easy
  • Manual-reset overload protector assists in keeping this disposer free from damage
  • Sound insulation packet effectively reduces operational noise
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My Story and Experiences

I was one of those naysayers for many years who badmouthed garbage disposals and vowed I would never get one. I had friends who told me horror stories - that their disposal caused a mountainous grease buildup in their plumbing that required several plumber visits; that her food waste disposer was so loud that the neighbors heard it and complained about it; and the story of a friend who somehow mistakenly fed a dozen tea bags down the disposal at once, and caused his machine to suffer a quick and horrible metallic sounding death.

Well, life goes on. I met that special someone who just happened to be the biggest fan of garbage disposals that you could possibly imagine. End result? As soon as we moved into our new home, one of the first things we did was to purchase a General Electric GFC320V 1/3 HP Food Waste Disposer. It installed easily, but I still approached it with trepidation.

As days went on, and I became more familiar with our disposal, it dawned on me that this machine was quiet, convenient, and a lifesaver in many situations. I began to experiment with "forbidden" objects - one day I put in some potato peels. A friend told me that when peels get ground up, the starch in them turns to glue, and clogs your drain. Well, I've been doing it for months now, and no clogged drain. Another friend warned me about coffee grounds, saying that they would get caught in the disposal trap. Same story - months of doing this, and nothing's getting caught.

Let me tell you about some of the good features my disposal has. It came with very clear instructions, and installation was a breeze. It makes a bit of noise when any larger food pieces go in, but it quickly quiets down afterward. It's small, so I still have room under my sink to store pot lids and a few other items. My partner says it is the quietest garbage disposal they've ever had the pleasure to own.


My Conclusion

What else can I tell you? It was inexpensive to buy, and so far has given us excellent value and performance. It's strong, compact, and very easy to clean. There's little or no vibration, it handles vegetable and fruit peelings well, just grind and dispose, efficiently and quickly.

This waste disposer has definitely opened my eyes to the many advantages of having a sturdy food waste disposer. I highly recommend the GE GFC320V 1/3 HP to anyone looking to purchase a reliable machine.

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