Garbage Disposal Stoppers: How To Pick the Best One

Whirlpool 4211300 Stopper

Garbage disposal stoppers fit squarely into the category of home appliance accessories that everybody uses but nobody really thinks about. Of course, if your disposal stopper becomes damaged or lost— or if you simply start searching for an upgrade— you suddenly find yourself plunged into the wide variety of replacement and repair options available. 

A good drain stopper should make you forget it's even there, and the best stoppers will add utility to your sink and upgrade its aesthetic appearance. Read this guide, and get ready to do dishes and thaw turkeys without worrying about your water running down the drain.

How We Came Up With Our List

Finding the best stoppers is more complicated than it might seem at first. For one thing, while most disposal units use a standardized stopper plug, others have special equipment. The InSinkErator magnetic safety disposals are good examples of the latter— you might have to do some digging to find the stopper that is designed for your unit.

For example, we found a stopper that fits certain InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control disposals here on an online appliance parts superstore. However, since safety disposals still aren't as popular as the other types, we focused mainly on standard non-magnetic stoppers.

Emerson FBA Insinkerator 75257 Magnetic Stopper, Black
1,280 Reviews
Emerson FBA Insinkerator 75257 Magnetic Stopper, Black
  • For ISE Cover Control and Pro Cover Control Batch Feed Disposals
  • Used to to turn your Cover control disposer on and off.
  • Replaces part numbers 75052, 74094, 74052, 74275

In addition to checking your model, be careful buying a standard stopper if you're refinishing an antique sink. You might need to contact a plumber— or even a metal worker— before your new disposal fits your old sink. 

Older plumbing doesn't have the same level of standardization, so these standard-fit items are not guaranteed to work as-is in vintage repurposing situations.

If you're looking for something to stop up your drain while you get a custom piece made, consider a flat silicone tub drain stopper. You can find a variety of these on Amazon or other online retailers, such as this cost-effective Amazon's Choice two-pack from Kirecoo.

Don't worry about throwing your money down the drain, as the silicone bath stoppers can double as handy jar openers once your custom stopper arrives.

ISMARTEN 2 Pack 6 Inches Silicone Tub Stopper Drain Plug for Your...
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ISMARTEN 2 Pack 6 Inches Silicone Tub Stopper Drain Plug for Your...
  • Soft silicone material, safe and environmental protection, no leak design shower drain cover, which effectively reduce...
  • Covering a large area, softness of silicone allows the stopper adsorption on surfaces.
  • Soft, flexible silicone tub drain stopper maks it easy to use and clean, Sealed perfectly, flat cover will not get into...

After we focused our search on standard-sized stoppers similar to the ones that come with most disposal units, we continued narrowing down the contestants by selecting parts that are readily available in major hardware stores, such as Lowe's, or replacements that we could easily purchase online directly from the manufacturers.

We ended up with a relatively short list of options. For good measure, we've included some information on original equipment accessories, because sometimes, you just want that perfect match. Here are the winners from our search:

Comparison Table Information


Overall Rating


Standard Fit


Overall Champ: Kohler Flange and Stopper Sets



Flange and stopper

Best Value: Keeney 4.5-in White Plastic Garbage Disposal Stopper



Strainer basket and pop-in base

Runner-Ups: OEM Replacements

N/A (See individual categories below)

N/A (See individual categories below)


Varied (See individual categories below)

Overall Champ:
Kohler Flange and Stopper Sets

We chose Kohler's flange and stopper sets as our winners because they fit so many different situations and requirements. However, you should note that these might need professional installation. They look great and carry a quality brand name, but they're best for big projects.

Going into more detail, there are several reasons these took the championship spot. First, the variety of this line makes these products an excellent choice for continuity of design when you're building your kitchen from scratch, especially if you're putting in a Kohler sink or installing something from the company's premium line of kitchen plumbing fixtures.

Of course, you're not limited to new installs— the same benefit extends to any remodeling or refinishing projects you might be doing. Second, Kohler products are known for their durability and the quality of their construction. Finally, it's our opinion— and we think you'll agree once you take a look— that these Kohler flange and stopper sets offer a show-stopping appearance for kitchens where details matter most.

One of the most prominent advantages of the Kohler stoppers is the wide range of finishes available.

The manufacturer's website list several options, from some of the most common metallic finishes out there to more specialized surfaces. Each part is designed to match perfectly with other Kohler products, but the range of options ensures that you have the ability to coordinate with nearly any quality sink or faucet that you like.

In addition to an array of high-end finishes, there is a lot of thought that goes into the construction of these items. Kohler has been in the plumbing business for many years, establishing a good reputation for both commercial and household fixtures.

Their success ranges from kitchen faucets to municipal drinking fountains. To back up this reputation, the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on material and craftsmanship. This warranty starts from the moment you install your flange and stopper.

It's important to consider quality when you install something in your kitchen 

After all, it is one of the most frequently used rooms in your house. However, that is not the only concern. Kohler flange and stopper sets really start to shine when you start thinking about appearances.

These are parts that serve their function while heightening your cooking experience and enhancing the general look of your kitchen. You probably only have one garbage disposal in your home, so it makes sense to make the most out of it.

Overall, the range of options the high standard craftsmanship and beautiful appearance of these products make them stand out in a largely utilitarian set of competitors.

If you're updating your kitchen, designing a premium sink area or repairing with an eye for quality, place Kohler flange and stopper kits high on your shopping list.

You can find them on the Kohler website, in major stores online and through independent home remodeling showrooms, where they're rated highly by customers. For example, the whole line has an average 4.2/5 on

KOHLER K-11352-BS Disposal Flange, One Size, Brushed Stainless
562 Reviews
KOHLER K-11352-BS Disposal Flange, One Size, Brushed Stainless
  • Designed to suit a variety of prep and cleanup tasks
  • Helps keep debris from clogging the drain
  • Includes disposal flange and stopper





Best Value: 
Keeney 4.5-in White Plastic Garbage Disposal Stopper

The Kohler stoppers are often a considerable upgrade compared to what comes with the garbage disposals from the factory. However, there are plenty of practical, attractive and— most importantly— budget-friendly options that work just as well. Of these, the Keeney pop-out model represents an attractive mix of utility and value.

This white plastic stopper features two parts. The first is a base that fits snugly into your garbage disposal flange. The second is a strainer piece with that ubiquitous stem design that empties or seals your sink drain depending on how you turn the basket.

The unique design gives you access to one of the most effective drain management systems out there— it's the same one used in many commercial kitchens— but you won't have to pay a penny to a plumber for installation. Simply pop the base section of the part into the standard-size flange that surrounds the drain for your disposal unit and you're ready to go.

It's also easy to take out and clean. Customers mentioned in reviews that while the hard plastic sections of the part remained a sparkling white after heavy use, the rubber seals would accumulate gunk after some time. One purchaser recommended removing the base to clean it once a month.

Keeney K5461
Another nice thing about these Keeney parts is the value factor. 

They are relatively affordable: $8.98 on or $4.79 at the storefront for the manufacturer. The low price also comes with guaranteed quality. 

In fact, Keeney offers a 1-year manufacturer's warranty that's very similar to the Kohler parts we've suggested above. It also bears mentioning that Keeney makes a limited line of budget flange and stopper sets similar to Kohler's.

Apart from being versatile, durable and relatively inexpensive, the Keeney plastic pop-out stopper is reviewed favorably by customers on both and Customers like the way that it fits flush with the bottom of the sink so pots and pans sit level when you place them over the drain to fill them with water.

They also appreciate the way that the stopper remains white, even after extended periods of use. Another positive point from the reviews is that the stoppers create a watertight seal that makes it easy to do dishes. Combining the customers' scores from the two sites, the product comes in at just over four stars.

Plumb Pak K5461 Stopper Sink Drain, White
233 Reviews
Plumb Pak K5461 Stopper Sink Drain, White
  • Pop-in stopper
  • Easily pops into and out of sink drains
  • Covers unattractive strainer and garbage disposals





Runner-Ups: The Direct Replacements

Kohler and Keeney are solid choices, but what if you just want your old stopper back? A plumber or equipment showroom might have easy access to replacement stoppers for your unit, but it never hurts to shop around and compare prices.

 We did the legwork for you and found some replacements for some of the most popular brands of disposals, from the manufacturer itself or from a retailer linked directly from the manufacturer's site.

Waste King​

Waste King links from their website to a replacement stopper option in a kitchen and bath showroom online called Wave Plumbing. The replacement they offer is a set including the stopper and the protective splashguard.

It fits a variety of EZ Mount disposals and costs $10— and there's a $15 shipping fee for orders under $129. Wave Plumbing doesn't share customer reviews on this part

Moen 1025 AMC Kitchen Products EZ Mount Garbage Disposal Stopper and...
8,330 Reviews
Moen 1025 AMC Kitchen Products EZ Mount Garbage Disposal Stopper and...
  • Removable garbage disposal splash guard and sink stopper
  • Compatible with EZ Mount garbage disposals: Waste King Legend Series, Waste King Gourmet Series, Whirl away, Sink...
  • The splash guard is designed to minimize splashing from inside the food disposal during operation


Whirlpool 4211300 Stopper

Whirlpool offers a range of stopper replacements online from its website, including special safety stoppers. The simplest plug-style replacement stopper should set you back $13.24, plus shipping.

We tested zip codes from California to Maine and came up with a flat rate of $6.99, bringing your total estimated price to just over $20 before tax. Customer reviews aren't available on Whirlpool's parts marketplace.






InSinkErator seems to have the most reasonable options for replacement parts. A simple plastic stopper costs $6. They offer 4-9 day standard shipping for free, but you might want to go through the customer registration process to confirm your own shipping costs.

There are also a couple of other upgraded stoppers available through their website. Customers review most InSinkErator replacement stoppers well, with an average of around 4.4/5 across the three types available.

InSinkErator  STP-FG Sink Stopper for Garbage Disposals, French Gold
6,779 Reviews
InSinkErator STP-FG Sink Stopper for Garbage Disposals, French Gold
  • Insinkerator sink stopper in French gold finish
  • For use on all InSinkErator manufactured disposers, the stopper is easy to insert and remove from your sink drain
  • Fits standard 3-1/2 in. diameter drain openings





The Round-Up

The options we've discussed include everything from one-size-fits-all silicone mat stoppers to custom-fitted magnetic safety stoppers. Choosing the right option for you involves identifying your disposal unit, checking to see if your sink is a standard size and finally, determining your remaining priorities.

Do you want something that matches a high-end faucet or fine finishes? A Kohler flange and stopper set is your best option. If a sensible catchall stopper sounds good, go with the Keeney white plastic pop-in. Otherwise, shop your disposal manufacturer’s site for a direct replacement.

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