Franke Garbage Disposal Review: What You Need To Know

Franke WD75RC WD Food Waste Dosposer with Cord, 3/4 HP

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  • Designed to avoid jamming, reducing the need for reversing or excessive cleaning
  • Permanent magnet motor with up to 1 ¼ horsepower
  • Up to 2800 rpm, to dispose of food quickly
  • Faster grind means lower energy consumption
  • Simple installation with universal snap and lock system
  • Ultra-fine grind is easy on septic systems
  • Keeps food waste out of trash cans and landfills
  • Bio Shield antimicrobial technology to reduce bacterial-related odors


  • Noisy operation
  • Few additional features or options

Bottom Line

The Franke garbage disposal is a simple machine, designed for efficiency. Though it doesn’t come with many extras, it will certainly get the job done, and quickly. Its high-speed engine reduces time spent cleaning up after meals, and its fine grind produces minimal clogging in any system.

An Energy-Efficient Solution From a Kitchen Specialist

Franke Kitchen Systems is a company that wants to help its customers create their perfect kitchen. Based out of Aarburg, Switzerland, this is one of five companies under the Franke umbrella, all geared toward creating the ultimate food-prep environment. Other companies under this umbrella include Franke Water Systems, Franke Foodservice Systems, Franke Coffee Systems, and Faber Hoods & Cooking Systems.

The products from these five companies combine to create the ideal kitchen experience for anyone, amateur or professional. Franke services over 100 nations from its locations spread across five continents and prides itself on the convenience, comfort, and beauty of its appliances. The brand’s line of garbage disposals is designed to reduce waste, improve energy consumption, eliminate odors, and provide convenience to customers.

What is Franke Garbage Disposal and How Does It Work?

Quick and Easy Installation

The Franke garbage disposal is designed to work well with other brands to make replacement a breeze. Simply pull out the old model and secure the new disposal in its place with its simple, universal lock-in mounting system. Plug it into any convenient outlet and you’re ready to start grinding. Each model comes with easy-to-follow instructions as well, for as seamless a transition as possible.


Franke garbage disposals come with a number of features designed to improve performance and give you the best grind. The most popular model comes with a ¾ horsepower engine and grinds at speeds of 2700 rotations per minute. Its permanent magnet-based engine allows it to work faster than standard induction engines. Since it’s designed for compatibility with other popular brands, replacement and installation is a breeze. Other features include the following:

  • Universal snap-in mounting design
  • Ultra-fine grind, for septic compatibility
  • Lightweight, thin model designs, to fit tight spaces
  • Energy-efficient system
  • Continuous feed models available
  • Odor reduction and bacteria prevention through Bio Shield antimicrobial agents
  • Jam-proof technology replaces antiquated auto-reverse function

Convenient Design

Franke designs all its garbage disposals to be simple and compact. They feature a standard tank-style casing and are easy to slip right in under your sink and plug into any convenient outlet. They’re made to be slim enough to fit comfortably into any nook or cranny, without sacrificing performance. Installation is easy, as it works with a universal snap-in mount compatible with many major brands.

Its permanent magnet-powered engine is connected to blades that spin at speeds up to 2800 rotations per minute, and it runs off of a mere 114 volts. 

Incredible High-Speed Performance

With engines up to 1 ¼ horsepower and 2800 RPMs, Franke’s line of garbage disposals can grind up even uncooked vegetables in as little as seven seconds. What comes out the other end is fine enough to send down into septic systems without causing backups or aggravating clogs. The faster grind means lower power consumption per use, saving you money and improving your carbon footprint compared to competing models.

Franke garbage disposals also include Bio Shield antimicrobial technology to cut down on odors from bacterial growth on food waste, and though it packs a powerful punch, its advanced sound baffling technology makes it quieter than competing models.

What Makes the Franke Garbage Disposal Unique?

Franke separates its line of garbage disposals from the competition by engineering a convenient, quick machine that minimizes energy consumption and noise pollution. As one of the fastest disposals on the market, it can eliminate food waste in seconds, cutting down on energy use compared to longer-running machines.

Food scraps left in garbage cans can attract pests or bacterial growth. But, Franke designs its garbage disposals to include Bio Shield antimicrobial agents, which inhibit bacteria and cut down on nasty food-scrap odors. It’s quieter, faster, and more effective than competing models. It also offers a septic-safe, ultra-fine grind to which other brands can’t compare.

Competitive Pricing for Any Budget

Product Franke WD75RC InSinkErator Evolution Prestige


Price not available

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.75 1


115 120
Grinding Speed (RPM) 2700 1725
Feed Type Continuous Continuous
Height (Inches) 13.5 13
Length (Inches) 6.5 9
Width (Inches) 6.5 9

Simple To Install in Any Home

The Franke garbage disposal is designed to make installation as simple and seamless as possible. Its process is compatible with a variety of other leading disposals, so transitioning to your new disposal is a piece of cake. Simply remove the old disposal unit, insert the Franke disposal, secure it in the convenient snap and lock mount, and plug it in. You’re ready to go.

If you haven’t had a disposal before, this can make installation a bit trickier, but the Franke disposal system makes even first-time installation easy. Just follow the simple directions included with your machine to attach the universal mount to the underside of your sink. Then pop in your disposal and plug it into the nearest outlet.

What Kinds of Foods Can You Grind?

This powerful disposal can handle any food you can throw at it. Everything from soft cooked meats to hard raw vegetables can be ground into a fine meal suitable for any plumbing system in a matter of seconds. It can handle any size of scraps, from ground or chopped foods to whole items such as expired vegetables. So, it keeps the food waste out of your garbage can, where it can attract pests and cause unpleasant odors. Be careful not to put anything in that isn’t food, however, because this could damage the machine or cause a jam.

A Variety of Options for Every Need

Franke offers a variety of models for you to choose from. They offer varied horsepowers, RPMs, and sizes. Horsepowers offered range from ⅓ to 1 ¼, while RPMs on available models range from 2400–2800.

What Makes the Franke Garbage Disposal Worth the Cost?

These units are cheaper, faster, and more effective than many of their competitors, making them definitely worth the price tag. Not only will it save you money on the initial purchase, but it can also save you money over time by lowering your energy bill and improving your efficiency. Garbage disposals like the ones Franke makes are great for speeding up dishwashing and keeping pipes and septic systems from getting clogged with food waste.

If you haven’t purchased a garbage disposal before, it can be a great investment for your home. When food scraps are left in garbage cans, they can attract bacterial growth and pests. But when they’re ground in a Franke garbage disposal, they’re deposited into your septic tank or sewage system, keeping those pests far away from your kitchen. Because Franke disposals come with antimicrobial technology, they also prevent odors and bacterial growth from any food particles that might be left in the system after grinding.

With all these features in mind, it’s no surprise that the Franke garbage disposal is a great value for a low price. If you’re looking for a cost-effective model that offers great performance, this model is the one for you.

How It Compares to Leading Competitors

Compared to other leading disposals, the Franke disposal offers a finer, faster grind that’s compatible with both sewer- and septic-based systems. Despite its powerful motor and high RPM rate, it’s just as quiet as competing systems. It also requires less energy than competitors, because it requires less run time. Franke’s antimicrobial Bio Shield technology also prevents foul odors from bacteria-laden food scraps. Combined with its budget-friendly price tag, this makes it a great alternative to pricier brands.

What We Think

With its ¾ horsepower engine, 2700 RPM grinding speeds, and septic compatibility, we believe the Franke WD75RC is a great disposal for your home. Its high speeds improve energy efficiency by decreasing the amount of time spent running, and its ultra-fine grind is safe for any septic system without the need for additional chemicals to break down the remaining food waste.

Bio Shield antimicrobial agents prevent bacteria and odors from leftover food scraps, making the disposal preferable to discarding food waste in trash cans, which can attract pests and promote bacterial growth. Though it doesn’t come with many additional feature options, it doesn’t really need them.

If you’re looking for a simple grinder to assist with your dishwashing and get rid of food waste in a safe and environmentally friendly way, this disposal may be for you. If the Franke garbage disposal sounds like what you need for your home, you can pick up their most popular model here.

Franke WD75RC WD Food Waste Dosposer with Cord, 3/4 HP
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Franke WD75RC WD Food Waste Dosposer with Cord, 3/4 HP
  • Highly efficient D/C motor
  • Finer grinding for septic system compatibility in all models
  • Faster grinding for less energy consumption

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