A Review of the Bring It On Cleaner: Should You Purchase This?

a bottle of bring it on cleanerWhile maintaining an organized and tidy home can be tiring, scrubbing mineral spots and water stains from hard surfaces can be even more infuriating. However, Bring It On Cleaner may finally provide some relief from this tedious task.

We all know that keeping a tidy home takes a lot of work and dedication. We can scrub our homes or apartments from top to bottom, turn around for one second and the kids could have made a terrible mess within just a few seconds.

A clean home is a happy home. Water minerals spots on tile, windows, showers, and other hard surfaces can really bring down the overall look of our home. While the germs may be kept at bay with your traditional multi-purpose cleaner, water spots may be keeping your home from truly sparkling.

We know that most of you have probably had issues with water spots, rust, and/or mineral stains at some point in time. You have probably scrubbed tirelessly to achieve a flawless shine but have come up short after several minutes or even hours of work.

We took it upon ourselves to help solve the problem by providing our readers with an honest review of the Bring It On Cleaner to see if it lives up to its hype.

What Is Bring It On Cleaner?

When we were doing some research on the Bring It On Cleaner, we were able to find an abundance of information saying the product claims to remove even the hardest mineral spots, calcium stains, rust, and water spots and even dissipate the smell of molds and mildew.

While the idea of an easy-to-use cleaner sparked our interest, we wanted to see what this product was all about and dug a little deeper.

Over the years, we have seen many cleaning products that have claimed to be the next miracle cleaner, but after doing a little research and testing the products out for ourselves, many proved to be extremely disappointing and provided little to no results.

So, we kept our expectations low and wanted to see if the Bring It On Cleaner truly does all it claims to do for water spots, mineral stains, and rust.

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There are several other products on the market that claim to offer similar results as the Bring It On Cleaner, but we wondered if some that were simply not as popular or talked about and others that were, could match up.

So, we felt that in order¬†to provide our cleaning-enthusiast readers with the best review possible we would include some of these “top dogs” in our overview of the Bring It On Cleaner.

Product Specs

What truly sets the Bring It On Cleaner apart from the rest, other than your bang for your buck, is the powerful and non-toxic oxygen bleach formula. While most water spot cleaners contain chlorine bleach, this product is completely safe and contains zero harmful chemicals!

We were pretty impressed that this unique mix of cleaning ingredients was safe enough to use around pets and children.

Most products that line the shelves in your local grocery store and retail store contain a vast amount of harsh chemicals that have proven to cause serious health problems.

The non-toxic health trend has been sweeping the nation and causing American citizens around the country to seek out safer products that they can trust to be in their homes.

Non-Toxic Cleaning

With most Americans looking to upgrade and adjust their daily lifestyles to enhance their overall health, the new non-toxic cleaning product movement is something to definitely look into.

The majority of cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that can be dangerous to breathe in and could cause serious health issues over time. Purchasing cleaning products that are non-toxic creates a healthier living environment for families all around the country.

The physical properties in these toxic cleaners can, over time, cause serious health issues in children, adults, and even our pets. Most drain and spot cleaning products contain ingredients, such as sodium hydroxide and/or sodium hypochlorite (bleach).

These ingredients may be common among the various cleaners that sit on the shelves at the store, however, they can be very dangerous and even permanently burn eyes and skin and some can even be fatal if ingested.

We were thrilled about finding a strong cleaner that cuts down these risks and creates a clean and non-toxic home environment for all families that use the Bring It On Cleaner. No gloves needed when using this product–that’s just how safe it is!


While cleaning products range from a few dollars to well over $30, the Bring It On Cleaner comes at a reasonable price. Most stores sell this water spot cleaner for anywhere between $18-$22.

For a non-toxic cleaner that’s the definition of a bargain! We looked around at several other non-toxic cleaners and some were very expensive and contained less fluid ounces.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar cleaning products available on the market to see how they compared. We know that blindly comparing products at the local market can be unproductive, so here are a few competitors:


Bring It On Cleaner

The Bring It On Cleaner is a non-toxic water spot and mineral spot remover that contains a powerful, yet eco-friendly oxygen bleach and hydrogen peroxide formula that is safe and effective.

Ease of Use

What we truly appreciated about this cleaner was its ease of use. We were honestly surprised at how quickly and almost effortlessly hard water spots on sinks, mineral stains in showers, and rust around sink faucets melted away.

With literally zero effort, we saw this cleaner transform many hard surfaces and made them shine after just 10 minutes!


While the Bring It On Cleaner scrubbed away difficult spots that can seem impossible to clean, the spots did reappear after a few weeks.

While we would love to think this powerful cleaner could keep them away forever, additional and regular cleaning will be needed to keep hard water spots, rust, and mineral stains under control.

Design Quality 

The bottle design for this product was really easy to apply to surfaces. We were surprised we actually enjoyed that this product does not come in a spray bottle because this kept the formula inside more concentrated.


The Bring It On Cleaner has a no-risk, money-back guarantee.

Bio-Clean Eco-Friendly Stain Remover

This cleaner is also eco friendly and safe to use around pets and children. The Bio Clean Eco-Friendly Stain Remover claims to effortlessly scrub away rust, mineral spots, and hard water spots from a variety of surfaces within minutes.

Ease of Use

While the Bio Clean Eco-Friendly Stain Remover does remove all that it claims to remove, it requires a bit more elbow grease. The photo supplied by the retailer shows a drill brush, which is not included with the product, and is absolutely necessary when using this stain remover.

Without the drill brush, you could spend a significant amount of time scrubbing to achieve that deep and spotless clean you are looking for.


In the end, the Bio Clean Eco-Friendly Stain Remover did achieve the same results as the Bring It On Cleaner, however, it just took a significant amount of work to achieve the same results.

Design Quality 

While we were excited about the idea of an easy-to-use drill brush that would scrub away years of grime, we looked a little closer and noticed the drill brush was not included in the product price.

This brought down our excitement a little and we also noticed that this product does not pour as easily as the Bring It On Cleaner.


The Bio Clean Eco-Friendly Stain Remover cleaner has a no-risk, money-back guarantee.

Hard Off

Hard Off is an easy-to-use mineral and hard water spot cleaner that comes in a handy spray bottle that can be pointed directly and sprayed on the area that needs some much needed TLC.

It does not scratch surfaces, removes lime build-up and contains fast-acting bleach.

Ease of Use

While we enjoyed the concentrated formula in the precious products, Hard Off does come in an easy-use spray bottle.

Because this product contains chlorine bleach, it does not require as much scrubbing. However, gloves must be worn to avoid dangerous burns.


While this product does contain harmful chemicals, the bleach does allow for an easy clean. The strong chemicals strip away all harsh water spots, mineral stains, rust, and much more and left our hard surfaces looking flawless.

Design Quality

The design of the spray bottle we loved. It’s simple and allows us to spray exactly where we needed to clean. However, we were not in love with the idea of using harsh chemicals in our home.


Hard Off comes with a money-back guarantee, but the product must be returned before 30 days after purchase to receive a refund.

A-Maz Water Stain Remover

A-Maze Water Stain Remover is a “clean and green” product that removes hard water spots from a variety of surfaces. This cleaner contains no harsh chemicals and does not scratch surfaces.

Ease of Use 

A-Maze Water Stain Remover comes in a unique package. It is different from most spot removers but required as much scrubbing as the majority of the other products we reviewed.


While A-Maze Water Stain Remover does remove hard water stains, it does not remove rust and calcium like most of the other products. However, it does accomplish what it claims to accomplish.

Design Quality 

A-Maze Water Stain Remover is packaged in a twist-top jar that can be more difficult to apply to surfaces than the previously reviewed cleaners but produces similar results.


We could not find a clear warranty description for this product.

A-Maz Water Stain Remover 14oz (pack of 2)
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Compared to competitors, the Bring It On Cleaner truly does match up to what else is being sold in your local retail and grocery stores.

While there are several products on the market that deliver exceptional results, we felt that the Bring It On Cleaning product provided the best overall clean and was affordable and easy to use.

However, what we appreciated the most was the non-toxic ingredients that aided in the merely 10-minute stain removal process.

We discovered that most clean and non-toxic products required a significant amount of effort to remove hard water spots, mineral and calcium stains, and rust.

We loved the ease Bring it On Cleaning products had to offer our testers. Less work means more time to spend on other things around the house or on fun with family and friends. Keeping your home clean shouldn’t mean hours of tedious and tireless work!

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Whether you have hard water spots on your countertop, calcium on your refrigerator’s water dispenser, can barely see through your clouded windows, or have rust around your shower hardware, discovering a quality cleaner can elevate your home’s overall appearance within just a few minutes.

Treat your home with care by finding non-toxic cleaners that are safe enough to be used around pets and children and that won’t jeopardy you and your family’s health.

Searching the market for safe surface cleaners and daily household products will ensure a healthy and happy home! Check out some research online and discover the significant impact on your overall health when you use healthy and non-toxic products that are free of harsh and harmful chemicals.

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